Welcome to the South Dakota Secretary of State’s
Military and Overseas Citizens (UOCAVA) Web Portal

In order to access this site, you must have submitted an absentee ballot application or request to the county in which you are registered and have requested to receive your ballot electronically. If an application has been received, two emails were forwarded to you. The first email verified your email address. The second email provided you with your Voter ID number and a PIN number. If you have not submitted an application or have not received the email transmissions, please click here to complete the Military and Overseas Voters' Absentee Ballot Application.

Once you logon to the portal, you will be allowed 48 hours to print your ballot and instructions/mailing template. Should you need to reprint your ballot, you may do so during this time period. These instructions will provide you with directions on how to return your ballot to the South Dakota county in which you are registered. After 48 hours your ballot will no longer be accessible.

NOTE: South Dakota Codified Law ( 12-19-14 ) states that any absentee voter who “intentionally disposes of a ballot in any manner other than as provided in such sections or provides the UOCAVA ballot link to any other person is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.”
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